Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Art Appreciation Week

Tuesday was a play-day for me. It was predicted to be the most beautiful day of the week, and I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity to do some wandering.

The theme: art appreciation. I mapped out a course that included a trip to another city for a pottery show, browsing through an artsy neighborhood, and stopping by Denver's best coffee shop - as roasting and brewing are an art form too!

Along the way I stumbled across this row of row-houses (if that's not redundant), all meticulously gardened. Wouldn't you like to have a front yard like this?

Later I went to visit my young friend Rachel, aged 9. She and I have been meeting about once a week to read aloud, and lately our book is The Secret Garden. Almost enough to make me seek out "a piece of earth," too.

Well, I guess I have one, if a dozen years of paying rent count for something. I'll wait until Mother's Day - per local protocol - then go get some pansies to join our tulips and lilacs!

There are roses in our yard, too, but they will come to life in their own sweet time.

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