Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Travel Stuff - and Temptation

The roommate is getting ready for a trip of several weeks... she's going to the UK with her family. They are going to reconnect with their Scottish roots among other things. It's a very big deal to all of them, and this year's Christmas and birthdays have all featured gifts designed to equip them for the journey.

With each item that has shown up for Deb's collection I've felt a mix of "shucks, who needs that?" - haven't I gone around the world several times without such niceties? - and, oh my, yes... envy.

So when it became evident I was going to be heading off on a trip at the same time and similar duration I thought: hmmm. Maybe I'll buy myself something nice as a treat, to make up for flinging my body halfway around the planet. What would make the trip more pleasant or comfortable? Just one thing, I thought... but which one?

Somehow as I've started browsing the web sites of Deb's favorite suppliers - Magellan and Rick Steves, I feel my sales resistance wearing down. Yesterday was payday after all...


Megan Noel said...

my favorite is http://www.sahalie.com

Anonymous said...

so what did you get

Marti said...

I got a travel clothesline that is braided - so you can tuck your clothes into the actual rope, rather than messing with clothes pins, and it attaches to doorknobs rather easily... also some concentrated soap for hand-washing clothes.... also a lightweight travel towel and washcloth that are supposed to dry quicker than usual. We shall see... I have resisted the urge to buy any special-travel-company clothing, though, since you can't try it on.


Marti said...

Cuttin' it close. The package is supposed to arrive 7/10 (tomorrow). I fly 7/11 (yikes, that's the day after tomorrow!)