Saturday, January 26, 2008

Two more pictures, and an electricity question

Is it my imagination, or does my computer take longer to charge up when it's plugged into a 220 volt electrical system (instead of a 120 volt system like we have in the US)? Why is that?

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DaRonn Washington said...


Thanks for the comment. Interesting point. Personally we have always taken the stand point that the money that our supports give us, unless it is designated for a specific project or need, is up to how God leads us to what we do with it. I think also our supports turst us in that area. I think they trust us that we are going to do the right thing with the funds and what is best for teh advancement of the gospel.

I agree as well that all Christians should be givers missionaries included. For example before we became pastors we attended a local Bolivian church. So we gave. Not because we were ministers an had to be an example but because we were Christians and needed to be a responsible members of a local congregation. Even as pastors of our local church here we still tithe. Not because we have to but because we want to see our local church succeed and our financial commitment helps.

I think it is as natural as the air we breath to be a Christian and a giver. It is the example that God gave in John 3:16. After all the greatest expression of love is to give (God so loved the world that He gave...)

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Have a great time at the conference.