Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fasting and Feasting / Women in Missions Paper

An article about Muslim fasts and feasts which I wrote for Encountering the World of Islam has been republished by PIONEERS. You should be able to read it online here.

The paper I wrote for the Evangelical Missiological Society a year and a half ago, "Choosing How to Live in a Muslim Context: Case Studies from Missionary Women" (mostly drawing from Through Her Eyes; not much new stuff) was also published in a new volume, Missions in Contexts of Violence, released last weekend at the EMS annual meeting in Minneapolis. Just got a copy. (Sadly, as with many volumes in this series, it is poorly formatted and not well 'poofed.' Some good articles though, if I do say so!)

I'm hopeful that both of these pieces will be used to help equip Christians to engage Muslim cultures with increasing compassion, wisdom, and understanding.

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